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First African fintech with powerful blockchain security protocol for its customers. Automatically earn 10-15% interest on your savings.


With a unique virtual bank account number, your welfare and financial freedom is Sumotrust's core value, that is why we want to teach, connect and help you build wealth for a life time.

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High Interest

Sumotrust pays you high interest compared to other banks.

No Hidden

Your account doesn't come with any charge, no SMS fees, no withdrawal fees on the 4 withdrawal dates per year.

& Secured

Sumotrust is highly secure and trusted by thousands of people like you taking advantage of the great services and support we provide. Your card is very safe with us.

& Connect

Sumotrust in partnership with Entrepreneur Platform will let you have cheap access to Nigeria's largest online learning institute as well as connect and collaborate with like minds.


SumoTrust uses the highest levels of Internet Security, and it is secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption to ensure that your information is completely protected from fraud. Also uses a powerful blockchain security protocol to secure users account against hackers.

Flexible Savings & Investment Accounts

Based on your need and convenience, use any of our account types to save and grow your finances.


Main Savings

Automatically choose to save either on daily, weekly or monthly intervals and earn 10% interest per annum. Withdrawals here are restricted to only withdrawal dates or the exact date you choose to withdraw.


Fixed Savings

Securely lock away your money for a long period of time ( up to 365 days ) and earn up to 15% interest annually. You can fix save any amount. This account can also be called investment account.


Missions Savings

Want to raise money for a particular project or reason? Set your savings target and amount and start saving until amount is raised.


Kick Account

All interest earned on all above account types, referral commissions, bonuses and winnings are paid to your kick account. There is however, no interest in this account.

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