How to Disable AutoSave On Sumobank

how to disable autosave on sumobank 2

If you’re just getting started with Sumobank, you’re very much likely to use the AutoSave feature to fund your account.

However, if you have an active AutoSave in your Main Savings or Mission savings account, you may want to turn it off for one or two reasons.

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to disable an active AutoSave setting on your Sumobank Main Savings and Mission Savings account using.

Below is a step by step guide on;

How To Disable AutoSave on Sumobank

  1. Login to your Sumobank account Here.
  2. From your account dashboard, click/tap the AutoSave button, see image below;

How to Enable AutoSave

  1. You will be taken the AutoSave page where you will need to enable. Now, click on the ‘disable AutoSave’ button to pause.

how to disable autosave on sumobank 2

  1. The system will bring out a pop-up notification for you asking you ‘Are you sure you want to disable autosave?? Kindly click on the ‘OK’ button.

how to disable autosave on sumobank


  1. When you have successfully done all that, your Active Autosave will be disabled immediately and there won’t be any further debits until you activate it back. to activate your Autosave feature, kindly follow this guide.

Note: All interest earned on Sumobank are paid to your kick account daily.

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