Five Ways to Spend Valentine on a Budget 

Spend Valentine on a Budget 

Five Ways to Spend Valentine on a Budget 

Spend Valentine on a Budget 

Valentine’s day is a special day on which lovers express their love for their partners. It’s also closely associated with a mutual exchange of love notes, cards, offering confectionery, and presenting flowers.  

Even though you celebrate love every day, it’s always nice to do something extra to appreciate your partners on Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s day holidays are widely celebrated across the globe on February 14. The story of the patron saint  ‘St Valentine’ and the history of the celebration date is still shrouded in mystery.

SumoTrust, as you already know, has been on a mission to help their customers to learn, save and invest their money wisely, this is why we have drafted this step-by-step guide to help you and your spouse have a fantastic Valentine’s Day together while on a budget. 

Many businesses see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to capitalize on consumer spending and increase the prices of goods and services. Particularly, it’s one of the unpleasant times of the year to spend lavishly. But if you play your cards right, it’s more than possible to celebrate on a budget without going into debt. And here’s how;

Five Ways to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day on a Budget 

Love in the air and money flowing like heart emojis. Buying gifts and being romantic on Valentine’s Day is definitely not a crime, the only problem is spending more than you can afford just because you want to feel included. 

In this article,  we will show you some simple, easy, and more realistic ways to spend valentine without having to empty your SumoTrust account. 

  1. Create a budget 

This is a very important step everyone looking to spend less on Valentine’s Day should focus on. For you to achieve a purpose there must be a plan, which is why working out a budget ahead of time is very crucial. 

Having preliminary budgeting for all your Valentine’s Day expenses and sticking to it will allow you to choose how to spend your money and help keep costs under your control. 

You won’t be able to know how much you have available and what you can afford for your loved ones if you don’t create a proper budget because what you have will certainly dictate what you can afford. 

For instance, instead of spending extravagantly on dinner dates, cards, flowers,  chocolates, and so on, you can decide to pick one or skip all while you focus more on fun and memorable activities that will tighten the bonds between you and your spouse. 

Besides, your partner might not even want those kinds of gifts or activities. All in all, creating a planned budget and putting together small and affordable gifts means there will be no regrets to spoil the special memory of the day. 

2. Save for Valentine’s day with SumoTrust 

SumoTrust is an automated, secure savings and investment platform that helps users save, send, receive and plan their finances effectively. With SumoTrust you can choose to save and raise money for your valentine’s day celebration or invest to earn profit returns of 10-24% annually depending on the account type selected. 

One of the main visions of SumoTrust is to see that you and your loved ones are happy in the economy with successful projects like Valentine’s Day celebrations executed without much fray as regards financing.

Unlike the little hidden box in your room where you slide in some money to save for an intended project, SumoTrust mission savings helps you create and join group savings to raise money for not just Valentine’s Day expenses but also for other projects.

You simply save a small amount of money from time to time which can be daily, weekly or Monthly for a chosen period of time to reach your savings goals, through either instant save or autosave features. 

Interestingly, you not only save but also earn 10% of your total savings. Once you reach your target, you can go ahead and withdraw your funds to serve the purpose which made you start saving in the first place. To register on SumoTrust and start saving, kindly go here to create a FREE account or download the app on the play store.

Spending Valentine’s Day on a budget means you have to save for it. If you already budgeted for a big dinner party, expensive gift items, then it’s best to create a short-term mission savings plan weeks ahead to help you manage those costs alongside your other financial goals.

3. Plan a romantic getaway 

A romantic getaway is a safe and charming way to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget. Plan a day filled with fun activities. Starting with breakfast on the bed, decorating your home together, and Refraining from your phones, social media, and other things that will distract you from giving your loved ones maximum attention on that day.

 You can also spend the day in style by having meaningful conversations, talking about memories of your early romantic days. Avoid bringing up past mistakes, be positive and listen to each other, always reassure your partners that you are committed to making things change and work out because their happiness means a lot to you. 

Valentine’s Day remains the perfect time to reconnect on things you haven’t gotten to talk about in a while.

While having heart-to-heart discussions with your partners, you can also enjoy a nice evening at home with plenty of fun games, food, music, and then watching a romantic movie together. If you or your loved one are really looking forward to dining out, make it less expensive.

4. Volunteer together 

One of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day on a budget is to volunteer for a course you and your spouse are passionate about. Love is not only characterized by giving love and affection to each other but also being compassionate, kind, and generous to others. 

Visitation to elderly homes, orphanages, and correctional centers can make you feel more connected to each other and as you are doing good to others, you are also helping yourselves. 

Valentine’s Day is that one day that we celebrate love in many forms, and whether it be as a couple, as friends, or with family, we can spread love and make a difference. 

This Valentine’s Day, show love in a different way, celebrate love in its true form. With your loved ones, donate, volunteer or support, and care for others in your neighborhood. 

5. Celebrate another day 

Spend Valentine on a Budget 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day late or on another day will help you and your spouse cut costs and save more. You might even find the atmosphere more appealing as it won’t be crowded and there will be better price deals on items which were usually higher priced around Valentine’s Day. 

You don’t need to spend money too much on Valentine’s Day, you just need to know the way to make your partner happy without wasting money. 


Valentine’s day celebration is not only meant for your sexual partners instead it should be a feeling of appreciation and gratitude man express for everything and everyone we love in our lives, parents,  family, friends, even our neighbors, and society at large. Also for the blessings and belongings, we have. 

In other words, Valentine’s day should be a celebration to thank God for everything we feel gratitude for in our world, in addition to stopping the hate and forgiving people who hurt us before. Love is all year not just on  Valentine’s Day, celebrate with your head and spend wisely.


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