Invite Your Partner, Save Together And Win 50K

sumotrust valentine savings challenge

2021 Best Valentine Couple Savings Challenge

Are you married, dating, or got a crush you’re speaking with?

Ok, it’s time to know the best couple and lovers on Sumotrust that will be walking away with our Valentine’s day price.

Invite your Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, or crush to go on Valentine’s day savings journey with you and stand a chance to win big from Sumotrust.

How To Participate And Win

  1. Join and Invite your partner using the group savings link here.
  2. Each one of you will save 50,000 Naira or more on or before 14th February 2021.
  3. Your savings will be at intervals and not a one-time deposit/topup thing.
  4. The best saving couple will win 50,000 on 2021 Valentine’s Day.

Note: only one person will win, thereafter, we will contact the winner and ask you to provide the details of your lover who is also active on the savings group and 25000 Naira will be awarded to each partner.

You will be automatically disqualified if you win and your partner spouse or lover isn’t in the group.

Join now and invite your partner, click here to join.

Save with your lover and show them off here on Sumotrust.

13 thoughts on “Invite Your Partner, Save Together And Win 50K

    1. if your partner does not contribute up to N50,000, You will only earn the accured interest but not the price…. you and your partner must save up to N50000 each to qualify.

    1. You get the earn the accrued interest for the number of months you have active savings in the challenge. The interest accured depends on your time of deposit.

  1. So this award will be given to the best winning couple… So even if my girlfriend and i tried and saved 60k each….winning your price is under probability. No need! Its survival of the fittest.

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