What is SumoPay: How Sumopay works and Guide

sumopay of sumobank

What is SumoPay

SumoPay is a feature on Sumobank that allows you to receive savings from anyone anywhere without having to create account. With your SumoPay link, you can ask your colleague, uncle,  Aunt, friend or family in Nigeria to send you savings which will be credited to your account immediately.

What you can Do With SumoPay

  1. Receive savings from anyone
  2. Receive donations from the public
  3. Receive money from clients
  4. Request money from Clients/debtors, friends, etc.
  5. Crowdfunding and fundraising for a project.

How to Use SumoPay?

  1. Login into your Sumobank account


  1. from the admin menu, click on ‘Sumopay’ you can choose to edit and customize your Sumopay link or not.


  1. Copy your Sumopay link to clipboard and send it to anyone who wants to send/pay you money

They will be able to send you money instantly without having to create an account with Sumobank and the money will instantly be credited to your Main account which you can withdraw to bank anytime.

It is best recommended not to withdraw money received into your main account from Sumopay as withdrawals out non-free withdrawal dates comes with charges, aside from that, Withdrawals is 100% FREE.

If you’re just getting started with Sumobank, here is how to connect a debit card to your account and start saving.

10 thoughts on “What is SumoPay: How Sumopay works and Guide

  1. The platform looks interesting to me. I wonder why I am just discovering it.
    Very soon, I will join their subscribers.
    But I hope they will live up to all their promises.

    1. Yes, we also provide account numbers for our customers, to do that, you will need to click on the “Generate account number” from your dashboard, enter your BVN and click on continue.

  2. I ‘ve created an account through Chrome but later I decided to download the app. Logging in through the app is like a war, I’m being asked to create account on the app while I ‘ve an account that already exists

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