SumoTrust 100K December Savings Challenge 2021 – Join Now to Win Big

sumotrust december savings challenge
2021 is already on a fast express lane and it won’t be long again to have December around the corner.
As usual, we’re here to remind you of your finances and planning ahead of time.
This is why we have decided to create the 2021 100K December Savings Challenge.
All you need to do is join this group savings here and save up to N100,000 on or before 10th of December 2021 and stand a chance to win cash prizes and end-of-the-year gifts from SumoTrust.
The most important thing is that your 2021 December spending is well planned out and this will help you not run into money distress when that time comes.
You can save more than N100,000 in the group challenge to enjoy more benefits.

7 thoughts on “SumoTrust 100K December Savings Challenge 2021 – Join Now to Win Big

  1. Hi
    Please I have some questions about saving. how will I withdraw my money if I need it, and what is the discount range is it yearly or monthly interest thanks.

    1. To initiate a withdrawal, kindly click on withdraw from the menu section and enter the withdrawal amount, the money is instantly credited to your bank. We also have 4 free withdrawal dates in a year, plus 1 other free date you can set yourself in case you run into emergencies.
      Any other withdrawal initiated aside from these dates is considered a careless withdrawal and you will pay fees of 4.5%

  2. How do I start deposit,how safe is my savings,do u grants loan facility to ur customer

    1. Click on the InstantSave button to link your debit card or generate a sumotrust virtual account number to start making deposit.

      We are duly registered and in partnership with Cashconnect Microfinance banks which is licensed and regulated by CBN.

      We also have a feature called MISSION SUPPORT that lets out customers access 20% of their savings as loan.

  3. Pls I have a issues with you guys.for the past few weeks now.instead of funds to go into my mission savings account it reither goes to my main savings account and I don’t know what to do.

    1. Apologies about this Aluya,

      However, it seems you’re topping up with the wrong button.

      Kindly click on the TOP UP button at the active mission session and not the InstantSave button on main savings.

      When you make a deposit using InstantSave, it goes to the main saving.

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